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Turning The Corner

It's September.  There are four months left in the year.  It's enough time to do a lot, but not enough time to do a lot of things.

In that time, everyone will try to finish strong - to book and ship the transactions.  Everyone will make some plans for next year.  But not everyone will make progress.

Wherever you're leading the organization, the movement requires three ingredients: knowledge, culture and capabilities.

While this year's transactions are necessary to fund the movement, they don't take us there.  And plans for movement are only useful if they account for these ingredients.

Which leaves us with some questions that might influence our priorities over these next four months:

  • What do we need to know that we don't know today?
  • How does our culture need to grow, adapt, evolve for our next opportunities?
  • What capabilities do we need to add - or enhance - to be ready for tomorrow?

Ready?  Go.

Paul SchwadaComment