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Accepting Reality

The United States Postal Service recently changed the name of its "Where Is My Mailing?" service from Delivery Confirmation to USPS Tracking.  I was glad to see it, not because I care so much about the name, but because it's an example of an organization accepting an unpleasant reality.

UPS and FedEx have established the nomenclature for us.  They use "tracking," and it's a clearer, more intuitive label for what we do with the service.

But the USPS had its own name... one with historical precedent.  Since the USPS is ostensibly made up of humans, my guess is that the decision to change the name of the service didn't come easily.

Someone argued that Delivery Confirmation is more meaningful than Tracking.  Someone argued that they couldn't let a competitor dictate the market practice.  Someone argued that "everyone knows" Delivery Confirmation.  Someone argued that their (incredibly loyal, passionate and nostalgic) customers wouldn't accept the change.

But then someone finally accepted reality.  The battle was lost, tough as that might be on the USPS ego.  The market had accepted something different and it was time to get in line with the market.

It's always time to get in line with the market.



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