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On the challenges faced by leaders of established businesses.


A simple question: what should I do today?

As a leader, you have extraordinary discretion in how you invest your time.  The fact that you can largely decide what to do, or not, presents a powerful opportunity.  But this opportunity, lest it be squandered, requires careful consideration:

  • How should I shape, or reinforce, our culture today?
  • How should I set, or reinforce, our direction today?
  • Where can I make the most impact on our progress today?

And that leads to yet deeper self-examination:

  • Do I clearly know what matters most?
  • Do I have a good grasp of its status?
  • Am I self-aware enough to know how I fit into the picture, to know what contribution the organization most needs from me?
  • Do I have the self-discipline to act according to priorities and not whims?

So... what should you do today?

Paul SchwadaComment