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Not Like Me

We like to talk about results, but they're often hard to measure.  They take a long time to develop, or they're mixed up in a bunch of variables, or both.

And when we can't frequently check results, we are inclined to judge an employee's effectiveness by watching activity along the way.  But it's easy to do that through the lens of "Me."  How I work.  How I think.  How I get things done.

My dad always had a wildly messy desk, at home and at work.  It was perpetually covered in piles of paper.  My desk is usually very Spartan - I'm pleased when visitors say, "You must not have anything to do."

But I can find whatever I need, when I need it, and so could he.  I go to an electronic folder.  He turned to the left, lifted a certain pile, and pulled out the document.  It took the same amount of time.

Racial and cultural diversity within your workforce is great, but more powerful is diversity of thought and method (frequent benefits of racial and cultural diversity).  We have to be careful, though.  Our lens of "my way" may lead us to discount the effectiveness of others.

Where in your organization is someone performing at a high level, but not in your way?

Paul SchwadaComment