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Easy Growth

Maybe you snicker at the thought.  "There is no such thing as easy growth."

But when looking for potential growth, one good question to start with is this:  where is it easy for us?

Most businesses have the ability to do certain things easily that most others find hard.  It's just the way they're wired.  I've seen businesses that can easily figure out how to pull different products together to create a system (to integrate hardware, software and services from their own product lines and from third parties).  It's easy for them... but not for most organizations.

I know a group of people that can evaluate and design for sound propagation throughout a facility like they're tying their shoes.  That's not easy stuff for most, but this company just has the DNA for it.

Your product may be software, but your easy street may be training a wide range of people in order to effectively implement that software.  Or you may be selling vehicles, but your people have no trouble coordinating customization of those vehicles... while others would struggle with anything other than factory standards.

Or you just plain know how to navigate the complex regulatory standards of an industry, standards that are so daunting to others that they are a high barrier to entry.

When you identify things that are difficult for many, but that your people handle with aplomb, you may be on to something.  And if a healthy customer segment seems to value those things, pay close attention.  That may be the place to start digging for growth.

Where is it easy for you?

Paul SchwadaComment