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On the challenges faced by leaders of established businesses.

Will you have a good year?

Late March is often a fork in the road for leaders because they face a serious gut check about their priorities.

You probably spent Q4 doing two things: trying to finish strong, and making plans for this year.  Then you closed the quarter, the results were whatever they were, and you focused on those plans to start this Year of Greatness (or Culture Change... or Growth... or Breakeven... or Integration).

Because this is the year when you're going to make progress in those key areas that are critical to reshaping the organization for tomorrow's success.

But by late March, today's results are very much in focus.

Where are we going to finish Q1... what does Q2 look like... how are we feeling about the full year forecast now?

And this is when important plans start to collect dust.

There will always be a reason why this quarter, or this year, took precedence over necessary movement toward tomorrow's success.  But unless you're literally in Can We Survive? mode, you have options today that reveal your priorities.

What's your time frame for measuring whether this was a "good year" or not?

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