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On the challenges faced by leaders of established businesses.

What Is It?

It enables both creative thinking and effective execution.  It is conducive to measured responses.  It urges humility, empowers discernment and boosts our confidence in action.  It lies unused often, perhaps usually, but is a powerful tool always at our disposal.


We are not naturally objective, nor need we be in all situations.  It is often most efficacious, or expedient, to work from rhythm, instinct and bias.  What we wish to be true often does become true.  But there are moments when deploying objectivity makes all the difference... when it's a good investment to step back and evaluate our view of reality.

It takes mental elbow grease, though, which is why the tool lies unused so often.  It's easier to let the knee jerk upward in response to our subjective nervous system.  The good news: the more we use it, the easier it becomes.

It might be an area of the business - struggling or thriving - that requires clear insight.  It might be a thorny problem.  It might be a person, place or thing.

Where could objectivity help you?

Paul SchwadaComment