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The partners and associates at Locomotive Solutions have experience in the dynamics of diverse businesses.  Some were just starting out, some were in desperate straits, and some were in the midst of established success... but all faced the same challenge: find the best ways to grow, adapt, evolve.

We work with clients who are facing one of two critical challenges:

We need to grow.  Our long term principle for any business is the same: it's all about getting aligned with their best opportunities in the market.  We help them understand those opportunities, then execute a plan to take advantage of them.  That may require work in products, markets, channels, partnerships, acquisitions or financing.  We bring the expertise and resources to make it happen.

We're at a point of major transition.  When businesses face a shift in the structure of the organization, we help them reach a successful conclusion.  We have worked with clients on changes in ownership (EESOPs, business sale, merger) and transitions in leadership (organizational development, succession planning, executive development).

Our passion is collaborating with leaders to create thriving businesses.  We help you find the best, most realistic path forward so that we can execute with confidence. And when it comes to taking action, we rely on a highly-selective network of contributors to deliver superior results.  We structure projects for maximum impact, either by augmenting your in-house team or by handling the project turn-key.

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Paul Schwada

Paul Schwada is the author of 8 Blocks: The Critical Realities For Growing Any Business.  His consulting, speaking and writing all promote a commitment to businesses that don't just survive, but thrive.  His thinking can be found in a wide range of media, including Forbes, Industry Week, Investor's Business Daily, and more.

Paul draws on a well of diverse experiences to help clients thrive.  He writes a blog, Business Well Done (TM), on the context and challenges of business leadership, and tweets occasional thoughts @BizWellDone.

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Joe Feth

Joe Feth is sought out by business leaders the world over for his experience in leadership, finance and entrepreneurial endeavors.  He has led everything from small startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises.  In his spare time, Joe serves as the President of Integra Ventures, a non-profit that brings the acumen and funding of US business leaders to local entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe.